Take Back Control is a youth drug and alcohol prevention initiative. The program targets youth aged 15 -24 in Calgary high schools and residential programs.

 The goal of Take Back Control is to increase awareness about drug and alcohol use while decreasing substance use, criminal behaviour and harm to oneself and/or others. This is accomplished through group sessions where youth are in control of the conversation on current topics related to social media, local media, entertainment, culture and community, which impact youths views on drug and alcohol use.  The group also explores the impact drug and alcohol use has on major life areas and how certain situations can lead to use such as peer pressure, mental health, poor communication style and self-esteem. 

Take Back Control uses various group methods and communication tools to encourage conversation including PowerPoint presentations, video clips, interactive activities, light readings and movies.  The group runs anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes per session, with light snacks and break times provided.  

Take Back Control is funded through Health Canada’s Drug Strategy Community Initiatives Fund and was launched in 2014.

Amy Harris – Take Back Control Facilitator
Direct Line: (403) 536-4329
Fax: (403) 265-2458
[email protected]